Topband: radials direction and antenna efficiency

tzikas tzik tzitzikas77 at
Wed Aug 25 09:44:54 PDT 2010

Hi all. At this link
you can see my plan for radials installation.The sort radials are 1/8 and
the longer 1/4 wave length. Radials are with blue color. Because of the
buildings i can't install radials at all directions.
Now i am using only 6 radials. The four of them are at the left direction
and the other two at the opposite direction. What do you think about my
plan? This radial installation what effect it will have to my antenna
efficiency? It will help, or do you propose to keep my current installation
with only six radials? I must tell you here, that if i will install all
these radials, many of them will be at higher altitude as regards the
antenna's feedpoint.
The transmitter and the radials are about 9 meters above the ground surface
on the floor of a building. My antenna is inverted L  5/16.

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