Topband: radials direction and antenna efficiency

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Thu Aug 26 09:04:54 PDT 2010

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> Subject: Topband: radials direction and antenna efficiency
> Hi all. At this link
> you can see my plan for radials installation.The sort radials are 1/8 and
> the longer 1/4 wave length. Radials are with blue color. Because of the
> buildings i can't install radials at all directions.
> Now i am using only 6 radials. The four of them are at the left direction
> and the other two at the opposite direction. What do you think about my
> plan? This radial installation what effect it will have to my antenna
> efficiency? It will help, or do you propose to keep my current installation
> with only six radials? I must tell you here, that if i will install all
> these radials, many of them will be at higher altitude as regards the
> antenna's feedpoint.
> The transmitter and the radials are about 9 meters above the ground surface
> on the floor of a building. My antenna is inverted L 5/16.
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