Topband: Narrow Filtering

Rick Karlquist richard at
Tue Feb 2 14:37:38 PST 2010

Steve Miller wrote:
> In a contest (particularly in a contest),  it doesn't make sense to
> have filters any narrower than 500Hz.   Why should other stations
> have to work like crazy to get into YOUR notch?  We all have
> ears.  Is it that difficult to use the human filter that's between them?
> Steve

Here is what is wrong with this oft quoted "wisdom":

When there is a run station every 300 Hz, it becomes difficult
to distinguish between a station calling me off-frequency
vs a station calling my "neighbor" on-frequency.  If a station
seems to be calling me off-frequency, based on his time relative
to my CQ, I have a strict rule to send "?" and wait to geta second call
before responding.  Often that second call never comes and I know he's
working my neighbor, and the timing was coincidence.

During the recent contest, I was trying to work a station in
Europe that was about 200 Hz below an east coast big gun.
The big gun come back to me several times before realizing I
wasn't calling him.  What is even worse is when BOTH stations
come back to me at once.

Yes, I know the solution to that is to send both his call and my
call.  But many people calling me only send their only call.
I can't make them send my call.

The real solution is for everyone to learn how to tune their
radios to the right frequency.

Rick N6RK

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