Topband: Narrow Filtering

Gary Hinson Gary at
Tue Feb 2 21:17:24 PST 2010

> The real solution is for everyone to learn how to tune their
> radios to the right frequency.

That's *one* option.  If everyone listened properly, was on-the-ball enough to get the timing
spot-on and followed the right procedures, a bit of off-tuning shouldn't matter too much.

When CQing with my filters opened up (often to 2.7kHz in CW pileups), I can and frequently do hear
and respond to off-frequency callers, sometimes while working another.  I can also keep an ear on
what those around me are working, and try to beat their rates in real time.  If I'm not sure whether
someone is calling me, I'll go right back with just a couple of characters from their call - that's
all, no need for QRZ? Or whatever, just a clue that I need their repeat.  If I think someone thinks
they are working someone else but me, I'll give both calls while keeping my fingers crossed (tricky
with a paddle).

By the way, what happens when you 50Hz guys get a zero-beat caller who is trying to work someone
else?  Stop and wait?  Fiddle with your RIT?  Me, I just keep going.

When calling someone with my filters opened up, I can and frequently do hear other off-frequency
callers getting through, and sometimes I can 'slipstream' them on the same spot - or as close as I
can get to it by ear anyway.  

I'll narrow my filters only when I absolutely need to do so to improve my rate but given the choice
I'd prefer to S&P around until I find a clearer spot to call my own.

Yes it's hard going in a big contest on a narrow band, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

Gary  ZL2iFB

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