Topband: I am not dead yet - Boring Report

Art k6xt at
Sun Feb 14 20:25:06 PST 2010

Seconded. The past 2 mornings from an hour before and through my sunrise 
YC0LOW XU7ACY are better than I've ever heard them (that is to say, 
clearly readable), and 9M6YBG popped up. Several W5's found their way 
into the YC0LOW log this morning along with a couple in zero land. I'm 
sure 6/7 landers did too but I was back to sleep by then. Congrats to 
all who made it over the noise hill.
73 Art

Tree wrote:
> While many people are reporting big openings on 12 meters and the solar flux
> numbers are up in the 90's - one might think the good openings on topband are 
> not going to happen.
> [snip]
> 73 Tree N6TR
> Boring, OR

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