Topband: TX4T Feb. 24

jon jones n0jk at
Wed Feb 24 09:39:20 PST 2010

I worked TX4T at 0532 UTC last evening, very strong signal to Kansas.


Perhaps not a big deal - per their web site TX4T has logged over 2,075 QSOs on

the Top Band.


But I live in a no outside antenna "C C & R" sub-division. The "antenna" I was using was

a 100 foot long piece of wire strung along side our house with the end on the garage. It

was put up for the ARRL 160M Contest to "hand out a few contacts" and I had not got

around to taking it down.  Seeing the spots for TX4T I decided to try it.


My contact is a tribute to the sharp operators at TX4T and the Beverage which allowed

them to hear really well. And a nice QSB peak.

If you need French Polynesia on the Topband - this is the time to work it. TX4T is QRV

through Feb. 26 2000 UTC.


 - Jon N0JK

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