Topband: Balanced line tuner 160-6m 300+ watts?

Edward Swynar gswynar at
Tue Jan 12 19:31:26 PST 2010

"...Does anyone have an old used Balanced line tuner (160m - 6m), that might
be excess to their needs for a very reasonable price?? Or maybe a schematic
and parts list to build one?"



The 1st edition of the ARRL's novice-entry book "UNDERSTANDING AMATEUR
RADIO" (1964) has a sweet circuit of a plug-in-coil type "universal"
transmatch, 80- to 10-meters...

I built mine in 1972, and later added a coil for 160-meters.

It'll handle balanced feeders, coax feeders, or random wires. Use large
components, & it should easily handle higher power than what the original
was built for. The design is as sound to-day, as it was some 46 years ago...

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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