Topband: 2310 and 2325 as VK 160 indicators

Bob Eldridge eldridge at
Mon Jun 7 10:40:50 PDT 2010

Friends in Radioland (as NM7M would have said):
A little more about 2310 kHz.

>GM Bob....................Please explain the frequency 2310 and 2325 ABC...
>saw your posting and was wondering what you were referencing.
Not much on the reflector at the moment, so I will risk a general answer rather than several private responses.

2310kHz is VL8A (A for Alice Springs NT), 2325kHz is VL8T (T for Tennant Creek NT).  They are in the Australian Domestic Radio Service, serving local communities.  The antennas are designed for high angle (NVI), and back in the good old days of the 90's when NM7M and I were playing with a trans-Pacific study looking for high-angle entry for ducting and stuff like that on 160 from May through August, we found that these two stations were audible almost all the time, and there was "a degree" of correlation with conditions on 1830 kHz or so.  Their signals peaked before our sunrise and dropped out sometimes long after it, as did VK/ZL amateur signals.  We came to the conclusion that the path VK/VE7 on 160 was very often open but nobody there (not an earth-shaking discovery, but Bob liked "evidential confirmation" rather than "anecdotal opinion").
2310 was a good enough signal that I was sometimes deflected from my duties because I got interested in listening to the program, despite the fact I was listening on the Corsair 2 rather outside its optimum sensitivity range and usually on the non-directional transmitting antenna.

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