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The linear loaded KLM 40 and 80M yagis never lived up to their hype. OTOH 
the little Cushcraft 2el 40 with loading coils plus a capacity hat way out 
on the elements is a proven winner.

Ive sold one of my 40M 4el KLM's and made a pair of CC style 2el from the 


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> My first 160M vertical was linear-loaded and it worked fine....or so I 
> thought.  The late K6SE did an EZNEC analysis of my antenna vs what I am 
> using now, which is an 80 ft top-loaded (three wires) and his analysis 
> showed a considerable improvement in efficiency moving to the top-load.  I 
> have a smaller version at our summer place and it is 61 ft top-loaded-it 
> also works very well.  I have been able to work much more DX running 
> barefoot and QRP with the top-loads as compared to the linear-loaded 
> vertical..  While this is just a subjective evaluation on my part, it is 
> supported by the EZNEC analysis which showed an increase of several 
> percent in the efficiency of the top-load antenna.
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