Topband: weather proof enclosures

jacobsen_5 at jacobsen_5 at
Sun Apr 24 07:49:08 PDT 2011

Charles, W2SH, said:
The biggest I found measures 12" x 12" x 6" and that will be used to neatly contain my DX Engineering radial connection plate and a vacuum variable capacitor.   I have yet to work out exactly how I will bring the coax feedline and the 12 and 14-gauge radial wires (numbering 55, worth 1.25 miles, so far) through the box's walls    

I wouldn't bother mounting the radial plate inside the box. I'd mount it on stand-offs to the back side,(maybe long 1/4 x 20 stainless bolts with extra nuts to clamp the plate) and then just run one large gauge wire into the box and other components. Fewer penetrations to seal up and less crowding inside.
Just my $.02 worth.

K9WN  Jake

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