Topband: Weatherproof enclosures?

Mike Waters mikewate at
Sun Apr 24 10:46:25 PDT 2011

The plastic bottles that have been suggested here seem like a great idea.
However, for some of my Beverage antenna feedpoint enclosures, they would
not be suitable.

Since I use non-hermetically-sealed direction switching relays (which have
paralled, heavy-duty contacts and groundable frames), it's VERY important to
keep out any moisture! I've had a relays freeze up in the winter, from
condensation inside an enclosure that was not sealed like these Hammond
enclosures are. Relays don't like to switch when they have ice in them. :-)

I continue to receive inquires about the enclosures on my Beverage antenna
page. I hope the following information is of use to some here.

I use two different types at the feed ends of my bi-directional Beverage

1. One is a Hammond  P/N 1554D2GYCL (clear lid), 4.7"L x 2.6"W x 2.4"H. You
can get these from either Mouser or Newark.
2. The other is Hammond P/N 1554D2GYSL (smoked lid, same dimensions). Mouser
doesn't have these; I purchase them from Newark. I prefer these.

Both are NEMA 4, polycarbonate, completely waterproof, UV (sunlight)
resistant, have gasketed lids with 2-piece tongue-and-groove construction,
and are designed for outdoor applications.

These long-lasting, zero-maintenance enclosures cost about $16 + shipping.
Well worth it, IMO. I have yet to see any kind of moisture or condensation
inside. Photos of each are on my Beverage antenna page.

I have received many inquiries about these enclosures from both amateurs and
antenna manufacturers, and so I also put this information on

73 Mike

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