Topband: W1FB preamp failure

Missouri Guy n0tt1 at
Mon Jan 3 09:09:06 PST 2011

On Sun, 2 Jan 2011 14:33:20 EST WD8DSB at writes:
> Built a W1FB preamp (Aug 1988 QST) for use with my 4.5 square 
> shielded loop 
>  which is located in my shack, and the MC1350 IC gets permanently 
> altered 
> when I  transmit on 160 meters using my 53 foot base loaded 
> vertical.

> Wonder if anyone else has experienced this same problem...

Yes!  I've had the burn-out problem when I operated with high power.
So, I built a protection device in the box with the preamp and
that took care of the problem.  The "Front End Saver" (I think that's
the title/name of the device) was in CQ Mag, Feb 97, pg 32.  
Far Circuits may still have the FES PC board.
Charlie, N0TT

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