Topband: South Coast British Columbia 160M Beacon

Martin Mac Gregor macgregor at
Tue Jan 4 21:53:33 PST 2011

Apologies...Indulge my OCD!!!

Getting several night-time reports from the East Coast and solid daytime
reports to the North as well as down into California.
Anyone out there even further South our even perhaps a night path down
towards the Antipodes?!

Previously I ran a quarter wave on a similar ground plane... the 3/8 (0.375)
seems quite/very different...guess Terman and his suggestions of 0.54 (not
0.625!) of a wavelength being the ideal at MF frequencies might just be
correct and worth the effort! (I will not go there with the ground impedance

So onwards and certainly upwards/longer!

Thanks to everyone for their reports...never anticipated the response!

I will run until around Friday 00.00Z and then rework antenna to Terman's
magic number and return around month end.

Previous message:

"Running a temporary QRSS3 and standard CW experimental beacon on 1970 kHz
to test a new antenna

<1W into a new 3/8 wave inverted L antenna.
90' vertical and 90' horizontal.

Location .South Pender Island BC, CN88jr
IDing as 'VE7MM at'

Any reports appreciated. "

THANKS again and best 73

VE7MM at

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