Topband: Boring Report - December

Tree tree at
Thu Jan 6 08:17:14 PST 2011

Simply put - Decemeber was not very exciting...  dare I say almost

While I have been able to hear and work some Europeans during the 
month - signals have been down significantly from normal.  Most
nights - I either hear nothing - or perhaps only a few weak signals.
Most of my contacts have been made by the "skin of my teeth" and
there have not been any opportunities to run stations.  While I have
worked a few stations in the morning - the mornings in the past two
years were much better.

All of this sort of adds to me thinking conditions are significantly
worse than they were the past couple or years.  Likely worse than 
they have been since 2006.  

Just wondering if this matches the perception of others?  Looking 
back in my logs - it's amazing to me that I actually went through
several years of working zero Europeans - but it appears we might
be on the brink of this happening again?

73 Tree N6TR

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