Topband: Boring Report - December

N1BUG paul at
Thu Jan 6 09:08:38 PST 2011

Tree wrote:
> Just wondering if this matches the perception of others?  Looking 
> back in my logs - it's amazing to me that I actually went through
> several years of working zero Europeans - but it appears we might
> be on the brink of this happening again?

The usual pattern here in Maine has been:

October, November: good to Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific.
December/January: great to Europe, generally poor elsewhere.
February/March: good to Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific.

This season, however, everything just seemed to shut down in early 
December. Not only did the longer paths dry up, but Europe has been 
very poor with no apparent reason.

Things have been so poor I have made only a few DX QSOs in the past 
month, and most of those were clearly short term anomalies. Case in 
point: A few days ago I was fortunate enough to work JD1BMH. Harry 
peaked up to 559 for about 3 minutes, nearly an hour before my 
sunrise. Clearly not typical, and very unexpected considering that 
was the first time he has been workable on any of his trips there. 
JAs were extremely weak to non-existent that morning. Topband 
remains a mystery!

Paul, N1BUG
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