Topband: Boring Report - December

David Raymond daraymond at
Thu Jan 6 09:39:16 PST 2011

: Boring Report - December

> Simply put - Decemeber was not very exciting...  dare I say almost
> boring?
> While I have been able to hear and work some Europeans during the
> month - signals have been down significantly from normal.  Most
> nights - I either hear nothing - or perhaps only a few weak signals.
> Most of my contacts have been made by the "skin of my teeth" and
> there have not been any opportunities to run stations.  While I have
> worked a few stations in the morning - the mornings in the past two
> years were much better.
> All of this sort of adds to me thinking conditions are significantly
> worse than they were the past couple or years.  Likely worse than
> they have been since 2006.
> Just wondering if this matches the perception of others?  Looking
> back in my logs - it's amazing to me that I actually went through
> several years of working zero Europeans - but it appears we might
> be on the brink of this happening again?
> 73 Tree N6TR

>From my observations here in the Midwest, conditions are substantially down 
from recent years past.  That includes conditions to EU, Asia, and VK/ZL. 
Last year and the year before many of the active NA stations were routinely 
working Zones 17, 18, & 19 both morning and night.  This part of the world 
is a relatively tough path for NA.  This year it's much more of a challenge 
to work those zones at any time.  I note that activity from JA is only a 
small fraction of what it has been in recent years.  Two years ago I could 
easily work 10 or 20 JA stations in one morning session.  Now, I can CQ 
beaming JA for 20 minutes and never even get a response.

All that said there have been a few bright moments.  There was a wonderful 
opening from the Midwest to EU at their SR a few nights ago.  Topband 
sounded like 20m at midday with stations every KHz.  But that was just one 
evening, not night-after-night like it was a year or two ago.

I think all of this has somewhat discouraged all but a few of the stalwarts, 
and understandably so.  You just have to be on. . .there just won't be as 
good a return on your investment.  No doubt, times and prop have changed.

73 and Happy New Year to all. . .Dave
in Iowa 

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