Topband: Boring Report - December

Jeff Wilson jjw5257 at
Fri Jan 7 06:25:55 PST 2011

Thanks for starting this string.
I put up my first temporary Beverage (6 deg) in November and another in late 
December (280 deg - to KH6,VK), which involved struggling with an 8ft step 
ladder, rebar, 8lb sledge, etc in knee deep snow.  So imagine my disappointment 
in hearing almost nothing!  So I echo the other reports, but am amazed I can 
hear no JAs, JD1 and KH2 when they are spotted.  At least now I know everything 
is working as it should, we just need some good propagation.  More time in the 
chair with static in the background, I guess.  Let's keep our fingers crossed 
for the end of the month.  Spratley would be a miracle!
Jeff, VE3CV

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