Topband: December Boring report and band conditions

Cal Jeanroy w7izl at
Fri Jan 7 12:00:41 PST 2011

Howdy all!


This season has been disappointing for sure BUT conditions have not been
100% in the tube. Many of you know me and or have worked me over the years.
It is very seldom that I ever respond to any posts however I could not let
this one slide by untouched J Almost every morning when I have days off, be
it weekends or during the week, I get up for what I call the morning "run",
typically around 4:30 AM central time, check band conditions and start
calling CQ. It is very seldom that I do not work at least 3 or 4 J stations
and sometimes more as well as old friends various parts of the globe every
morning I am on. And yes there are mornings I go away empty handed but I
still had fun trying J


An example, was just yesterday morning. I started my CQ run at approximately
10:30 Z and never got a hit until 12:19 with first JA station. I continued
to work stations heard and calling CQ between calls. At 14:00 Z I was done
for the morning and ended up working 9 various JA's, JR's, JE's, plus 2  HL
stations. There were at least 2 stations I could hear calling but too weak
to copy.  At the same time and almost every morning I will oftentimes call
my usual CQ, get a response after sitting here for at least 2 hours,
"working" to get a response, only to have someone attempt to tailgate me and
work the DX station. I don't think so L very poor sportsmanship unless
invited to do so in my opinion.


In a nutshell, I do not wait for a post nor do I feel I need them to work or
attract DX..they are welcomed when they are earned. Lately the few openings
have come at various as well as some of the least expected times from past
experience. You can't work 'em if you don't try and they aren't going to
hear you if you don't jump in and give a call. This QTH is by far the
toughest spot I have ever worked from for operating conditions and
propagation. It is seldom that I can ever copy a DX station on the single
transmit vertical and it is seldom that I ever have a DX signal that moves
the bar on the K3. 


My two cents .. Happy New Year to all 


          Cal  W0IZL  (W7IZL)



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