Topband: December Boring report and band conditions

Dale Conner n4nn at
Sat Jan 8 15:31:04 PST 2011

Hello All,  Happy New Year ... Yes , I know, It could be better, but it has
not been that bad. If it were easy, we would all still have our hair and it
would not have grey in it.  That's why we operate on 160 meters. It's a
challenge. That's the fun part. Having only a 1/4 wave sloper for TX makes
it more of a challenge.  As for this season, so far , it's been good to me.
I worked Ross 9M2AX and Peter XU7ACY in the same week,  for my last 2 zones
on 160.  A quick scan of the log shows I've worked
and I'm sure I missed a few. PLUS- the season is not over.  As I look back
at this season, I'm not disappointed and hope to work a few more new ones,
before the season is over. If this is a bad season, I'm not sure my heart
could stand a good one. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  GL & DX
from the deep dark hole of Florida.      Dale   N4NN

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