Topband: Grounding UNused Beverage??

Sante - IK0HBN ik0hbn at
Sun Jan 9 06:41:57 PST 2011

Hi TB and HNY.
I built in a single box the feeding system for 4 Reversible Beverage 
using the WD-1A wire with also a set of 4 DPDT relays to choice one 
antenna at time, for a total of 8 possible directions.

The coax is NOT grounded at the stake used for grounding antennas, 
but it is linked to the primary of transformer, so to avoid the 
Common Mode problems.
Coming from the four antennas, first I put the 4 relays to choice the 
antenna/direction I need, and afterward the selected one is bonded to 
the feeding system itself.

My question: the other 3 antennas not in use at moment, must be left 
floating, or must go the the ground stake where also terminate one of 
the transformer used in the fee box? Grounding them, I fear the 
unused antennas could inject signal and noise in the near ground 
where the selected antenna find its termination. Am I wrong?

I also think to terminate the 2 wires of all unused antennas with a 
resistor (resistor could be soldered on the pins of relay 
itself),leaving in such a manner, the unused ones floating on a 
resistor. Has all this a sense?

Any suggestion?
Thanks and cu on TB

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