Topband: W4-VK6 QSO 100W

mrtman777 mrtman777 at
Fri Jan 14 06:28:16 PST 2011

Fellow Topbanders,

I have been following the "Boring Reports" string lately with interest.  I 
haven't had much time to be on topband lately but got on the air around sunrise 
this morning.  

I worked a VK6 at 1150Z, just 2 minutes before my sunrise.  I could copy him for 
a total of 20 minutes extending to well after my sunrise.  Very weak, but 
copyable, about 459.  It did take sending my callsign nearly 10 times before he 
copied it correctly.  But hey, its hard to differentiate between a good and bad 
qso that distance on 160, for me at least.  Just working him is exciting.  I was 
running barefoot 100W to an inverted L (60' up and 60' out).  No separate rcv 

Maybe condx haven't been as good this season as in the past, but for a guy like 
me to work 2 VK6s (first in October), ZL8X, Guam, and some EU this far into the 
season with 100W and a single wire, they haven't been that disappointing.  It is 
always exciting to tune 160, because you never know what will come up.  

73 and happy DXing,

northern AL

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