Topband: First attempt at beverage antenna, not working as expected

Mike Waters W0BTU mrscience65704 at
Mon Jan 17 03:58:14 PST 2011


I went back and studied Greg Ordy's page at
 at length. From his chart and animated GIF, it appears that merely adding 
another 25 or 50 feet onto your 250' Beverage might do wonders for it on 160. 
(Having said that, if you have the room then by all means extend it a lot 
farther than that).

I went back and studied the page  in detail. Pretty interesting reading. 
Regardless of the minor grounding error, this guy spent a lot of time modeling 
Beverages  of various lengths, presents his findings in interesting and  
easy-to-understand graphs and text, and it is very informative. You have  to 
admire that. I don't know about the practicality of using the very  long lengths 
he mentions (watch the GIF animations there), but that's another matter. See 
what you  think. :-)

Let us know how the Epsom Salts works for you both on 160 and 80.

Mike Waters


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