Topband: Amazing TB!

Lars Harlin lars.harlin at
Mon Jan 17 20:05:49 PST 2011

Woke up early this morning (again) and switched on the radio after the regular visit to the bathroom. Noisy band, with the typical hiss of aurora. Checked geomagnetic data on the web and yes, high activity. Lazy tuning over the band, I heard SM4CAN working some east coast stations wich was barely readable at my location, about 600km north from Kent's. Well, one can always throw out a couple of CQ's as it serves to heat the shack as well, I thought. 

Tuned up in the low end of the band as wet snow had lowered the resonance of my antenna. CQ at 13.1. Nothing. CQ agn. Nothing. One more CQ. 
A strong steady S9 plus signal is calling! Must be some other early SM, maybe Kent, I thought. 

Wow! Where did he come from? Exchanged 599 reports with John and we had a good QSO like local stations!

Some time ago, maybe a month, I recall the same experience with John. The explanation could, or must be that we both were inside the aurora oval, thus giving us pipeline propagation. Anyone else with similar experiences?

73 de Lars, SM3BDZ

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