Topband: Beverage Antenna

Alex Goldenberg kajotus at
Wed Jan 19 12:47:24 PST 2011

Dear Ben ! 

I would avoid using ladder line as a feed of the Beverage . 

The Ladder will work as a part of the antenna (will "receive"  unwanted
signals coming from others , different from the original diagram directions
. )

That's why - coax, the only coax ..double shielded coax with a termination
chokes on a both coax ends prevent any reception caused be feed line
itself ..

I think so .. 

Happy bulk of ladderline owner can easily become  Bi-Directional Beverage
owner , by using ladder line as a Beverage antenna line with an appropriate 

Feeding and Termination transformers . 

Tha's my opinion ..

GL es 73! 

Alex Goldenberg VE7IRU

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