Topband: Phased verticals question (again!!)

Dave Sharred g3nkc at
Thu Jan 20 15:25:27 PST 2011

Hello collective Knowledge!

Next weekend is of course the CQ 160m Contest; we are planning a trip to our
site at MD4K.

We have an unfinished project; a pair of phased verticals using  26m

John , G3PQA kindly gave us some dimensions for a T antenna, and an L
antenna.  (We also had more info for a 4 wire top too, which we lost due to
a PC crash!)

We will need to set this up FD style, so I am sure that we will end up with
a T configuration, for the simplest configuration, with least complexity

Big question -  is there a preferred orientation of the top wires - parallel
to each other on each vert, or in line?    I know you don't really radiate
off the top wires, since they are only supposed to cancel each other out.
I am thinking in terms of minimum interactions // Coupling.   



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