Topband: Beverage saga, the conclusion

Mark Lunday mlunday at
Sat Jan 22 16:27:40 PST 2011

Again, thanks to all who offered suggestions and encouragement.  I have
completed my investigation, and discovered the source of the problem.

I am feeding coax to the beverage, and using an SO-239 to male Type-F
adapter at the transformer.

Somehow, the fragile center conductor of the adapter on the F side was
broken off, most likely by me when I was checking the coax and/or replacing

Fortunately, I had a spare connector.  Swapped it out.  Voila!

Now, I can observe and listen.  I don't expect much on 160, hoping to hear
better on 40 and 80 over the 43 foot vertical (40) and the half square (80)
oriented in the same direction as the beverage.

Lessons learned:
1.	Always check the simple, fragile stuff first
2.	Use solid and consistent trouble-shooting techniques
3.	Use the experience and knowledge of others
4.	Never give up

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG
Greensboro, NC  FM06be
wd4elg at

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