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Garry Shapiro garry at
Sat Jan 22 17:23:48 PST 2011

In the words of Bob, KN6J, one of the first topband DXCC's on the west 
coast, "any Beverage is better than no Beverage". Subscribing to that 
dictum, my first Beverages were 200 ft. long, made of flea-market hookup 
wire, ran through dense forest on a steep hillside--and made a huge 
difference. Bob's ran down a ravine, as you describe yours.

Garry, NI6T

On 1/22/2011 1:11 PM, Chuck Chandler wrote:
> The discussion has got me interested in trying one out.  I thought my lot was too small, but there is a ravine into the neighbors land that might let me put out around 300 feet or so heading towards Europe.  It would run from one corner of my yard all the way across, and into the woods beyond my property.  The neighbor is cool, so permission should be possible.
> I know I'll need some RG-6, and the DX Engineering feed system seems reasonable.  Just add some wire (already on hand), a ground rod and figure out some supports.  It would need to be temporary so I could take it up when the grass starts to grow again, and so I could try other directions as need might arise.
> I guess my real question is if a short beverage is worth the effort.  Right now I am using crossed K9AY loops for recieve, and a 65 foot tall Inverted-L for transmit.  I seem to get out a bit better than I hear, though this winter I've been too busy for much DX.
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