Topband: Beverage ground rod substitute

Herb Schoenbohm herbs at
Sun Jan 23 10:08:11 PST 2011

On 1/23/2011 9:46 AM, Thomas wrote:
> All of this talk about a short Beverage antenna has me thinking I just might be able to install one 250-280' E-W wire. One issue would be the ground rod. The earth here  is Caliche which is quite similar in properties to concrete, so I can't drive a ground rod into it. I've thought about using short buried radials like I do with my K9AY, but the Beverage termination points will be in the extreme corners of my lot.
> Any ideas what could be substituted and might work as well as the simple ground rod earth? It is funny I find myself attempting to make the proverbial silk purse from the sow's ear!
> Tnx, Thomas - AC7A (Tucson)
Run a half a dozen 60 foot spiders from the ground connection in any 
direction you can.  This will help stabilize your ear end feed impedance 
at RF.
Even tacking down a expanded copper mesh ground screen fit into the 
corner of your property will be good. The grass will grow over it in a 
few weeks.

Herb, KV4FZ

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