Topband: 160 and short beverages

John Harden, D.M.D. jhdmd at
Sun Jan 23 17:08:35 PST 2011

Interesting to hear all the traffic about short beverages. I have tried 
them with marginal results. We all have our constraints relative to 
available real estate, neighbors, available funds, etc.

The best thing I ever did was to put up the Hi-Z Antennas triangle 
array. It really works fantastic and has 6 switchable directions. It is 
in a foot print of an equilateral triangle with 45 foot sides .

The only problem is due to the lawsuit against them. Because of it their 
web site has been shut down. The company that was marketing it no longer 
has it on their web site due to the same lawsuit.

However, irregardless of how the lawsuit turns out the Hi-Z phenomenon 
will persist and hams will build it themselves if necessary like we have 
built antennas for years. It will never go away I can assure you all.


John, W4NU

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