Topband: RX ANT RX protection in SO2R environment

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Sun Jan 23 17:43:27 PST 2011

Felipe, et. al.

I would suggest "Front end
savers"  They disconnect the antenna from the radio and
ground the RX jack while transmitting.  Two can be operated in
parallel, one for the RX port on the run radio and one on the second

Also, some of the assessory distributors and
manufacturers make heavy duty relays that one can use to ground the 2nd
radio while running on the 1st radio and visa versa.  We did this
with two radios and two amplifiers on 160 meters so we could jump to a
multiplier frequency and call without retuning the "run
radio".  We put a heavy duty 50 ohm dummy load into the relay
system so the radio and amplifier not in use would be grounded into a safe
load incase someone hit the key paddle or the wrong key on the logging
computer.  We used the RX antenna port for beverages to listen and
confirm the multiplier station frequency before the "instant

GL  73 de George  K8GG

> Hello folks, 
> I recently set up a
receiving antenna, and I found that in a SO2R 
> scenario 
> I have fairly high RF levels at its feedline's receiver end when

> transmitting with second radio on other band. 
> I would like to hear from you guys suggestions about how to prevent
the RX 
> from being damaged. 
> I am building
a RX antenna box, in which I will have a relay sequencer ( 
>, 3 position RX

> antena relay and a norton preamp. 
> 73, 
> Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB 

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> /// ///

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... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK 

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