Topband: Do short beverages "work"?

Chortek, Robert L Robert.Chortek at
Mon Jan 24 08:35:31 PST 2011

On 1/24/2011 8:45 PM, Herb wrote:

....these tests remove all doubts that a "short" Beverage is a superb

I agree! I have a 225 foot unterminated BOG and can attest to the fact
it provides a SUBSTANTIAL improvement in SN ratio over the TX vertical
in certain directions. Signals on the vertical are often masked by local
noise and become perfectly readable in the direction of the BOG.  As
Gary, NI6T, quoted "any beverage is better than no beverage". I
encourage anyone who needs to improve their SN ratio who has not tried
one, and can put up a beverage (however "compromised") do so. You may be
very pleasantly surprised. It may be far from optimum, but who cares, if
it's the best you can do and it helps you work someone you would no
otherwise have worked!

Those of us on small lots make the best of what we have. Don't let the
fact that what you can do is not "perfect" or the "best" prevent you
from making progress!  


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