Topband: Better F Connectors

Pete Smith n4zr at
Sun Jan 30 09:04:12 PST 2011

I may be the last person on this reflector to catch on to compression F 
connectors, but just in case - these things are so much better than the 
classical crimp as to defy comparison.  I have never been able to make a 
good connector installation on quad shield RG-6, but with the Ideal 
33-633 crimper and their connectors, it yields high-confidence 
installations with minimum effort.  On the same shelf at Home Depot, I 
discovered the DataShark 70029 cutter and stripper - for $9.95 it strips 
phone cable, Cat5-5e-6, RG6Quad, RG6, RG59, RG7 and RG11 (if the latter, 
then I suspect RG-213 as well).  It is the perfect complement to the 
Ideal compression connectors because it automatically and precisely 
trims RG-6 family cables to fit perfectly.

73, Pete N4ZR

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