Topband: VP8ORK

N1BUG paul at
Mon Jan 31 06:44:07 PST 2011


It could vary anywhere between sunset and sunrise at VP8ORK. Given 
that they barely, if ever get to total darkness this time of year, 
it may tend to be about half way between. They were very weak here 
last night until around 0300 when things picked up substantially. 
Unfortunately they were buried under 9L1BTB's pileup at that point. 
The best practice (as always with topband!) is to be there as much 
as possible, and catch a peak where you can.

I would add that if/when we get a moderate geomagnetic disturbance, 
north-south paths *may* improve dramatically. The geomagnetic field 
has been exceptionally quiet the past couple of days, which is great 
for east-west and possibly even polar paths, but not usually so good 
for north-south paths such as this. A fairly large coronal hole is 
currently facing Earth, so we may get an upturn in geomagnetic 
activity in a couple of days. I would suggest being particularly 
alert during the first few hours to first day or so of a 
disturbance. If it is intense or prolonged, all paths may suffer 
after temporary enhancement - even north-south.

Paul N1BUG

Wayne Rogers wrote:
> I'm not familiar with north/south propogation on topband.  What are the best 
> times for working South Orkney from the east coast US?
> Thanks,  Wayne N1WR

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