Topband: To Topband Contesters ( 1 Day After)

Agelos-SV3RF sv3rf at
Mon Jan 31 12:43:11 PST 2011

Hello All,
I just want to express some thoughts about this particular contest, with more 
and more participants every year, at least in my opinion.
It  really is nice to meet so many Topband Lovers in just one  weekend, but the 
size of the Band remains the same and this produces a chain of problems to all 
of us.
It is like having 5 chairs and 100 people who want to sit on them.
Several fellows moved out of the range of the band and some "policemen" 
undertake their duty  publishing  the illegals in the cluster as a 
The common practice is to fight for one chair (QRG) and hold it ,until the end 
of the contest, if possible.
For those with BIG setups the chair is not in danger, none can even get close to 
them, but for many others the fun is shrinking, as they don't have any chance 
for a constant CQ-TEST.This is not fair, not democratic and finally against any 
sense of morality.
I don't get myself out of this and last weekend I was one of the chair 
OWNERS...!!! ..hi..
Maybe in some other continents  things are a little bit better ,but in EU the 
fun is accompanied by a lot of frustration.
Well, nobody is violating the rules. But  if these rules are not just, maybe the 
Topband contest community should be willing for a change.
 A  change could be a CQ TEST time limitation. For example: every  station must 
leave the QRG after a maximum time of 15 or 30 minutes , moving at least 10 khz 
 It would be easy to check from the log, but also the aspirants to the QRG , 
waiting aside, won't give any chance for illegality.
Some of you out there may have better ideas but , above all , we must agree 
weather it is  time to do something .
Fun for all is more fun.
Greetings to all (contesters or not)
de SV3RF Agelos


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