Topband: Pixel Technologies Magnetic RX Loop

Rick Karlquist richard at
Sun May 8 12:58:26 PDT 2011

Steve Lawrence wrote:

> Baum addresses loop frequency response in Note 8:
> The demo I saw compared the Pixel loop to a vertical whip. The noise
> rejection was a sharp contrast especially when the loop was rotated. A
> more interesting comparison would be against a standard coax split shield
> loop.
> The Pixel product - loop and preamp - looked to be extremely well made.
> 73 - Steve WB6RSE

The question is:  why a "Moebius" loop?  Note 8 is about loops
in general, and says nothing about Moebius loops.  Virtually any
loop design will have nulls broadside to the loop, and even Baum
doesn't claim the Moebius loop has superior nulling.  I threw together
a loop for a contest a few years ago and got 70 dB nulling.
It was nothing special, just a shielded loop.  Whether the
Pixel product is well made or "works well" (whatever that means)
is unrelated to whether the Moebius design is responsible for
the performance.  It may work in spite of being a Moebius design.

Rick N6RK

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