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The only thing which would make this "better" than the usual mag loop is better balance - but W8JI has shown a single wire loop can be much easier to balance than the coax.  Not sure how broad banded they get with the Mobius design - that COULD be it's only advantage for this antenna type.  By the way, I've use a number of magnetic loops and have found the balance issue to be un-critical as you still get the ultra sharp null off the two ends.  

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> Steve Lawrence wrote:
>> Baum addresses loop frequency response in Note 8:
>> The demo I saw compared the Pixel loop to a vertical whip. The noise
>> rejection was a sharp contrast especially when the loop was rotated. A
>> more interesting comparison would be against a standard coax split shield
>> loop.
>> The Pixel product - loop and preamp - looked to be extremely well made.
>> 73 - Steve WB6RSE
> The question is:  why a "Moebius" loop?  Note 8 is about loops
> in general, and says nothing about Moebius loops.  Virtually any
> loop design will have nulls broadside to the loop, and even Baum
> doesn't claim the Moebius loop has superior nulling.  I threw together
> a loop for a contest a few years ago and got 70 dB nulling.
> It was nothing special, just a shielded loop.  Whether the
> Pixel product is well made or "works well" (whatever that means)
> is unrelated to whether the Moebius design is responsible for
> the performance.  It may work in spite of being a Moebius design.
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