Topband: Asymmetric radials for GP antennas; Just in case others seek what I've just found...

Jim Brown jim at
Tue May 17 10:49:58 PDT 2011

On 5/16/2011 8:55 PM, Charles Moizeau wrote:
> A careful reading of Rudy's piece does show that in a situation where you are, and must remain,  totally compromised throughout a 180-degree sector, i.e., with zero radials, you can at least pick up from the deficient direction 0.52 dB (-1.39 dB vs. -1.91 dB, in his cases C7 vs. C3) just by intensifying the radial density--increasing the number of radials in the favored 180-degree sector.

YES.  My 160M Tee vertical is about 20 ft from the building that houses 
my shack, so there are only very short radials in that direction, which 
happens to be toward JA and VK.  I have about 60 much longer radials in 
other directions. I've lived here five years, and there are 585 160M 
QSOs with JA, JT, DU, and HL in my log, 50 more with VK.  Nearly all of 
those long radials are in the direction of EU, AF, and SA, yet there are 
no more than about 60 QSOs in my long from those three continents 
combined.  Obviously, the number of radials and their pattern are only 
one of the factors. :)

I'm a big fan of Rudy's work, and have paid a lot of attention to it in 
building my station. But the bottom line is  -- do the best you can and 
call CQ!

73, Jim K9YC

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