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Gary Smith Gary at
Thu Nov 10 09:48:18 PST 2011

thicker wire isn't much benefit if any for radials. You can find some 
surplus CAT-5 wire on ebay, I bought over a mile of it for about $70. 

If you're looking for uninsulated wire you can find some pretty good 
deals on electric fence wire at Tractor Supply & if they don't have 
what you want, look for a feed and grain store & see what they have. 
Might be able to get Tractor Supply to sell you some on-line. There's 
several different versions of wire out there.

I looked at & local TS outlets near you & 
there's one 30M north in Kerrville.


> Installing 80 and 160 verticals and was going to use 14 gauge uninsulated solid copper wire for radials.  Little dirt here, mostly limestone and caliche. Is there any reason to use insulated wire?  No one seems to sell bare wire anymore (Lowes, Home Depot), but it would hide better than colored insulated wire.  I have lots of deer, squirrels, porcupines, possums, skunks, but no hogs.  Half the radials will cross the caliche driveway.  We have only had 3" of rain all year, so the ground is essentially cement. Radials will just be laying on top held in by steel staples.  Grass may cover in years to come! Was going to start with 16 1/4 wave 160 meter radials.
> Any ideas, suggestions on where to buy radial wire or how to install greatly appreciated off reflector.  
> Thanks Buzz N5UR Bandera Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World
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