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Sun Nov 20 15:14:34 PST 2011

On 11/20/2011 5:58 PM, Gedking at wrote:
> Some people would rather play with antennas than get on the air, if that's
> their thing go for it. ME I would rather get on the air and work stations.
> I  just let my auto tuner make the rig happy losses on 160 are not that high.
> But then I remember a time when I needed a station on 24 Mhz so I made up a
>   Dipole on the shack floor and climbed up to the 60 ft level of my tower in
> a  snow storm and installed it as a sloped dipole. " worked him on the
> first call"  I couldn't believe it !!
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> W9UCW at writes:
> In a  message dated 11/19/2011 2:00:52 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> topband-request at writes:
> K2AV<olinger at
> You know Guy, your diatribes are a sure  cure  for insomnia. I have a buddy
> who sez "Stop measuring  everything, tune up, and  work 'em." I think at
> times he's  right....  and yet I like to measure  things.
> As for your  subject, it's a moot point.  Apparently a lot of others prefer
> to  play your game rather than just "tune up  and work 'em."
> But it's  taking up a lot of band width for no  apparent reason. The
> moderator  has been very lenient for some reason I  don't understand.
> That's his
> choice. Guess he wants everyone to have  their say, even if it is  boring
> and
> doesn't change what they have to work with  in their back  yard.
> I prefer to read the classics on the subject  that have the  most to do
> with
> what is important to Hams that want to work DX  on  160... like G3HRH,”The
> Ground Beneath Us,” RSGB June, 1966, pp.375-385,  or  perhaps G.H. Brown, “
> The Phase and Magnitude of Earth Currents  Near Radio  Transmitting
> Antennas,”
> Proc. Of the IRE, February 1935,  Volume 23, Number  2, or what you have
> been quoting, Brown, R.F.  Lewis,&  J. Epstein, “Ground  Systems as a
> Factor in
> Antenna  Efficiency,” Proceedings Of the IRE, June,  1937, Volume 25,
> Number
> 6.
> Nothing much else has clarified the issues  lately other  than the work of
> A.C. Doty Jr., J.A. Frey,&  H.J. Mills,   “Efficient Ground Systems for
> Vertical Antennas, ”QST, Feb., 1983 and  R.  Severns, “Experimental
> Determination
> of Ground System Performance  for HF  Verticals,”QEX, Jan/Feb 2009 through
> Jan/Feb  2010.
> After wading through those, any  Ham should be able to make  their own good
> decisions as to the  compromises they want to make in  their own stations.
> In
> my own humble opinion,  any further discussion  is a waste of cyberspace.
> Thanks for your great concern  for  everyone's success, Guy. Now why don't
> you
> just tune up and work   'em?
> 73, best DX,  Barry
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