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Sun Nov 20 19:25:19 PST 2011

Hi Everyone,
There are good antennas and everything in between. But the big variable is 
propagation. I have been on this band for about 18 or 20 years. I can not 
tell you how many hours I have waited for the deep QSB fades to cease just 
to work a KP2 from AZ to get another mult. The bottom line is no matter what 
you have as an antenna, the propagation rules.....
GL & 73 Hardy N7RT

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> On 11/20/2011 5:58 PM, Gedking at wrote:
>> Some people would rather play with antennas than get on the air, if 
>> that's
>> their thing go for it. ME I would rather get on the air and work 
>> stations.
>> I  just let my auto tuner make the rig happy losses on 160 are not that 
>> high.
>> But then I remember a time when I needed a station on 24 Mhz so I made up 
>> a
>>   Dipole on the shack floor and climbed up to the 60 ft level of my tower 
>> in
>> a  snow storm and installed it as a sloped dipole. " worked him on the
>> first call"  I couldn't believe it !!
>> ED K8OT

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