Topband: Radials over a stone wall

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Hi Carl,
The guys that built the stone wall did too good a job. I have been looking
for that proverbial hole in the wall.
N2TK, Tony

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What about pushing them thru holes in the wall? I do that with the radials
for a pair of 2 wire Beverages that terminate at trees right at the wall
which has been there since at least the early 1800's.

If you have to push 2-3 thru the same hole it shouldnt matter.


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>I shunt feed my tower for topband. I use variable vacuum caps and a vacuum
> relay at the base to switch between the low end and the high end of the
> band. It seems to work okay. I have 100' buried radials spaced 10' at the
> ends from o degrees going clockwise through about 220 degrees. I have a 4'
> high stone wall that runs about 20/200 degrees that is about 35' at its
> closest point to the tower. So the radials are progressively shorter on 
> the
> West side of the tower.
> I am making an assumption that going up over the wall will distort any
> benefits of extending the radials on the West side? Is that a true
> assumption.
> I can't really have the radials go from the tower base up at an angle to
> clear the stone wall and continue on. If I am to extend them the radials
> would have to go on the ground to the wall then up and over and back down 
> to
> the ground.
> 73,
> N2TK, Tony
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