Topband: Summer conditions

Guy Olinger K2AV olinger at
Wed Aug 15 08:00:32 PDT 2012

Topband season is kind of like marbles season when I was a kid as I
remember it.  It's not that you can't play marbles all those other times.
 Marbles season is when everybody shows up with their marbles.   Topband
season is when people start listening again, and getting their antennas
erected and fixed up.

When I was a schoolboy, I could easily have played marbles all year,
particularly in New Mexico.  It just never happened that way.

I could easily do with 160 all year.  But then I did CW traffic nets in the
summer on 80m.  There's Summer Stew Perry, but not much more organized.  In
the WPX 160 is valid, but not much going on.

73, Guy

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 9:54 AM, John Tait <bravo at> wrote:

> "When no one tries, the band is closed"
> Agreed!     So far this "closed" Summer season has given me four new
> DXCCs.. 7O6T, RI1ANF, CY9M, and YE0M. Three of these are already
> confirmed on LOTW.  Except for 7O6T, I had an almost empty band to work
> the others. I assume that this is because everyone else thought that the
> band was closed.
>                Vy 73
>                     John EI7BA
> On 15/08/2012 16:41, Bruce wrote:
> > Thanks Tom.
> >
> > The real killer is when someone attaches  "for the season" to band
> closed,
> > or band open. Many readers think its time to
> > quit in the summer.  I have not been too active, but can usually work
> > Europeans at their sunrise as I get ready for bedtime.
> >
> > 73
> > Bruce-K1FZ
> >
> >
> >   Don't take this the wrong way, but 160 meters is open all summer and
> all
> >   winter long ***if*** people take time to operate. This is especially
> true
> > in
> >   the southern USA with our shorter summer daylight period.
> >
> >   When no one tries, the band is closed.
> >
> >   73 Tom
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