Topband: Summer conditions

Herb Schoenbohm herbs at
Wed Aug 15 10:39:43 PDT 2012

D3AA was in here for several hours on topband last night and peaking 569 
but the QSB was rapid.  Between D3AA and RI1ANF there has been plenty of 
interest every evening from my SS. I am certain many will be waiting for 
D64K to show up on 160 tonight.  The real test is if there is any 
interest in NA if D64K shows as the EU wall would be many db stronger 
than the strongest East Coast station. It could end up a big 
disappointment for the shorter summer window to that part of the world 
especially if the signal is good but the RU callers are just to many and 
to strong.  Either way, a chance is better than none at all..

Herb, KV4FZ

On 8/15/2012 11:41 AM, Bruce wrote:
> Thanks Tom.
> The real killer is when someone attaches  "for the season" to band closed,
> or band open. Many readers think its time to
> quit in the summer.  I have not been too active, but can usually work
> Europeans at their sunrise as I get ready for bedtime.
> 73
> Bruce-K1FZ
>   Don't take this the wrong way, but 160 meters is open all summer and all
>   winter long ***if*** people take time to operate. This is especially true
> in
>   the southern USA with our shorter summer daylight period.
>   When no one tries, the band is closed.
>   73 Tom
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>   UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK
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