Topband: VK0M on 160m

Ron vk3io vk3io at
Fri Aug 31 06:50:26 EDT 2012

With regards to VK0M on 160m, I am sure this will be difficult as I have 
been told that the big wire antennas that were on the island (Vee beam 
and Rhombics) have been taken down.

I have also been told by Kevin and Trevor that putting up any big 
antenna would not be permitted.

So maybe a temporary big vertical or inverted vee held up by balloon or 
kite maybe possible, if the operator down there had the enthusiasm or 
time to do such an experiement.

I also doubt if any operator (any technical staff on assignment) would 
take an amp down there, as they are limited by weight, for what they can 
take with them and so will probably be limted to 100w.

As far as VK0M is concerned the last AR stations down there were Trevor 
VK8TM who was VK0TH (2011-2012) and before him was Keven VK4KEV who was 
VK0KEV (2010-2011).

Before Trevor and Kevin was David VK0MT (2005), Allan VK0MM (2000), Tom 
VK0TS (1997), Graham VK0GC (1983, 1987, 1989) and So Jo VK0SJ (1986, who 
was very active and a big dx'er and back then they had access to the big 
vee beam/rhombics).

Of recent times, both Trevor and Kevin were more active, so maybe they 
had more free time or as their antennas were close to their 
accomodation. it was easier to operate, than in the old day's where they 
had to trek the remote radio hut and stay overnight.

Kevin said he had a 5 band vertical and a dipole.

I remember Kevin often called in on 40 and worked many USA and seemed to 
hear very well and got out pretty well with his 100w. I don't know if he 
had radials on his vertical and if so how many he had. I think he did 
come on 80 for VK's, but not on the dx window or cw.

I do remember Trevor doing a lot of 40m and 80 cw dx and digital modes, 
but I cannot remember what antenna he was using. Probably another 5 band 
vertical and I don't know how many radials he had. He did also seem to 
hear very well and worked many USA and Europe on 40 & 80 (and other 
bands of course) on cw and digi modes as well as ssb. He was the most 
active of recent VK0/M visitors.

I don't think either of them did anything on 160 or even listen there, 
due to the antenna restrictions. If you cannot put many radials out, 
then you will probably never get a short height vertical working on 160.

I think it would be a good idea to send either Kevin otr Trevor an email 
and find out what antennas they had and for other AR operational info.

Cheers, from Ron.

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