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>But as far as I know, nobody has worked Macca from Europe
>on 160m during the last 30 years? I hope I'm wrong.

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Steve ...

I'm don't know the full history of VK0M 160m activity. But as far as I
know, nobody has worked Macca from Europe on 160m during the last 30
years? I hope I'm wrong.

I was in an active contact with the last operator on the island, Trevor,
VK0TH. He didn't mention anything about any HF rhombic antenna and he
would surely have used it if it would have been possible. I remember him
saying that most of the big antennas had been removed for environmental
reasons. He, in fact, even had some problems to keep the old vertical
that was left behind by earlier operators not speaking about erecting
any temporary new antennas. The situation reminds the situation on
Prince Edward & Marion Is., ZS8, were the big rhombic antennas have been
removed for same reason.

The old multiband vertical that Trevor used broke at the end of his
operation and can not be repaired. Trevor used a long wire the last
weeks and we could work him even on 80m CW.

Trevor used the longwire also on 160m and worked a couple of VK's and
ZL. He was heard even in KL7 and in Scandinavia but no QSO's were made
outside VK/ZL.

As far as I understand, there's absolutely no amateur antenna on the
island at the moment.

I would suggest that VK3PA or his friend contacts Trevor, VK0TH; to get
good advise for the antennas. If you want, I can provide you with his
new VK-email address.

Cu no 160m

Jari, OH2BU

On 26.8.2012 13:24, Steve Ireland wrote:
> Hi Allan
> In the past I am pretty sure the radio amateurs who have taken up the 
> radio
> technician position on Macquarie Island have had some access to the
> commercial antennas used on the island and used them on 160m.  My memory
> (which isn't always good) is that there is an HF rhombic, which has been
> loaded up on 160m as an end-fed wire type antenna.
> In the past, the problem seems to have been for the operator to find time 
> to
> actually operate ham radio much.  My impression is that the job is really
> full-on.
> If your friend can get hold of a Spiderbeam 17m fiberglass telescoping 
> pole
> to take with him, then that could support an quarter wave inverted-L
> antenna, with a sloping top.  If someone could make up a K2AV folded
> counterpoise (and matching transformer) that could be rolled up and also
> taken with him, then the operator would have a fair 160m signal.  As the 
> would only be 33 feet long, ANARE may let him put this up?
> I guess if there are enough amateurs who were interested in 160m operation
> from VK0M and everyone put in a few dollars each, so these items could be
> purchased for your friend to take with him, that may be worth a go.
> Vy 73
> Steve, VK6VZ
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> Hi all, hve a ham friend going to VK0M.He will be mainly cw, es he is a
> "gud" op can handle dog piles hi hi.. his main Q is wot type of Ant is 
> best
> ? he can not hve radials or wires up in the air
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