Topband: Using the K2AV folded counterpoise at VK6VZ

ZR zr at
Thu Aug 30 20:12:48 EDT 2012

> Lucky me there is no "HOA" where I live. Mention HOA and everybody says
> "huh? No way". I am about 4000 feet from the nearest runway but that is
> for small aircraft and the 4000 feet is from my home to the *side* of
> runway. The tallest tree on my place is about 40 feet high and I don't
> want to go very much past that due to that runway AND to just keep a low
> profile.

Have you checked with the FAA to see how high you can actually go? About 
60-70' vertical with a tophat and a reasonable ground will give you a 
respectable signal on 160. That can be done with aluminum tubing


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