Topband: Using the K2AV folded counterpoise at VK6VZ

Guy Olinger K2AV olinger at
Fri Aug 31 11:25:00 EDT 2012

That part where you say "keep a low profile" is the real issue.

Since trees routinely get to 100, and even up to 150 feet, objects of that
size unless close and directly in line with runways are not prohibited.
 4000 feet is way past the point where trees have to be cut down in line
with runways.

 K5AF has an L over FCP with the bend supported by his 40 foot tree.  K5ESW
shot a line over his trees and pulled insulated Wireman #531 through the
top of the trees with the line to get his "roundish L" over FCP.  He puts
1200 watts on it and I keep waiting for him to tell me it's burned through
to the wood somewhere, but not so far. The kazappy end of the wire is in
the clear.  Press at Wireman does not list an insulation rating for that
stuff.  But the insulation is PE, not the cheep PVC stuff you get on THHN,

The PE insulation on #531 is black, and it is very hard to see that stuff
up in a tree.  Most of ESW's wire I simply couldn't pick out of the
branches, even though I knew where it had to be.

If it if was ME doing a stunt like that, I would get teflon tubing big
enough but not too loose and put that over the #531.  Then I would pull the
combination through the trees.  But Paul has it up there, and so we have a
real life experiment in progress.

73, Guy.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 6:47 PM, Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell at> wrote:

> Lucky me there is no "HOA" where I live. Mention HOA and everybody says
> "huh? No way". I am about 4000 feet from the nearest runway but that is
> for small aircraft and the 4000 feet is from my home to the *side* of
> runway. The tallest tree on my place is about 40 feet high and I don't
> want to go very much past that due to that runway AND to just keep a low
> profile.

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