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Fri Aug 31 10:12:40 EDT 2012

This is the reason I don't contest on 160 anymore. No DX window and endless 
CQ machines turn the band into just a trashy mess.

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>> Out west in flyover country we rue the day. Tom is spot on. I too stay 
>> out of 30-35 for CQing so my western brethren can potentially hear 
>> something. Very unfortunate to have the 30-35 window, which many DX 
>> stations use, clobbered by a very few thoughtless W CQ'ers.
>> I didn't realize recognition of the window is a has been. Out here, not 
>> the case.
> This was done a long time ago.
> I'd bet the different experiences of east coast stations dominated the 
> decision to get rid of the "no USA transmit" DX window. Strong signals 
> near DX is much less of a problem out east.
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