Topband: What do you use as a "RUN" Antenna?

Mark van Wijk pa5mw at
Wed Feb 1 12:22:22 PST 2012

 I forgot one more issue; being it an amplified wideband RX loop, it needed a 160m bandfilter on the output in my case. Too many -30dBm BC signals from MW  and several SW bands. That lowered its noise floor another few dB's in my total RX setup.
In that respect, and because you can built it yourself, I would rather advise the suggested N6KR tuned loop in this thread.

73 Mark, PA5MW

On 1 feb. 2012, at 21:04, Mark van Wijk <pa5mw at> wrote:

> ALA1530S+
> However, It does need proper common mode filtering. And required secure detuning of my TX antenna to clear out re-radiated noise. 
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
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>> Mark
>> Which wellbrook model do u use?
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