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Do not despair, my fellow Topband Aficionado!

I also live on a 1/4 lot in a residential subdivision in San Jose - part of the Black Hole of the 160 meter world. I don't have the luxury of living on or near the East Coast where working Europe (with lots of DXCC entities) is the same "chip shot" working JA is for us on the West Coast....

If conditions allow, put up a ground mounted vertical of at least 60 feet, and either top load it if you have room or base load it with a large coil made of 1/4" copper tubing about 6-8" in diameter.  First try your existing radial field and see how it works.  Collect some data. Then you might try raising the bottom of the vertical about 3' and insulate the bottom.  Use at least 8 or preferably 12 resonant elevated radials. My  vertical is 60' base loaded affair mounted right next to my house, on a 3' high 3" PVC pipe, and the 8 radials slope up at a 45 degree angle to the roof and then in all kinds of asymmetrical directions.  The pattern is distorted by the radial field, but the antenna still works fairly well. I am a little gun, but with 1.5 KW, I have managed to work 133 countries and am having the time of my life.  If my situation allowed, I would change to top loading in a heartbeat.   If you want to call me to discuss details I will be very pleased to pass on what little I have learned about Topband life from a small city lot.  

You CAN have success, but you need a more efficient antenna.....



HI all,  I have had a rocky relationship with TOPBAND that has never really blossomed.  My QTH is small about 1/4 acres.  Only two tree's and NO towers allow.  Now that has not stopped me.  I have WAS on 160m  (took 10+ years)  and a splattering of countries.  But I will go on to my problem.  I am just NOT heard.  I can hear great with my selection of antennas (resonant on 160m I have a inductively loaded INV L vert about 40ft 20ft horiz (home brew by the insane mind that is my own with 4 elevated radials also loaded like the radiating element) A Cushcraft ma160v with about 40 radials on the groud.  A Alpha delta dxa with about 50 radials on the ground. These radials are all random ranging from 1/16 to 1/4 wave. )  The verticals make great contest antenna for stateside as the cushcraft is resonant from about 1.800 to 1.825 and the Inv L flat from 1.820 to about 1.850.  

This all aside I can hear like I'm running a receiving loop or even a small beverage (had a nice one at an old qth back in the 90's) but I cant seem to be heard.  I can put 1kw++ into these antennas but still no luck most of the time.  For example I have been calling the HK0NA tonight on 1.833/4 he is s9+ on 1000d and I am not even getting a ??

Other than the WARC band and my eternal quest for a bigger signal on 20/30/40m I am happy with my antennas.  Though I admit I am always experimenting and have a separate operating position just for experiments and the rare guest op.  

Well if I'm just crazy then so be it.  I've been banging my head on this problem.

Any suggestions would be welcome. I an willing to direct email larger descriptions and even pictures of what I am working with... 

Caveats: I wasn't born yesterday,  But, I do believe in magic. sooo Other than buying out all my neighbors and putting up some big antennas lets try and be constructive.. (that is unless ya wanta give me themoney to buy out my neighbors 8)  )

de John ko1h 
UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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